While looking for something else

I never seem to be able to find the thing I’m looking for, but almost invariably find other things I wasn’t looking for in the process, which may or may not be relevant now but seem to attract me. In this instance I can see both associations and potential object lessons from the past. These two poems and the homilies by me are old, but I stumbled upon them while doing this very thing; seeking out a specific poem for someone which predicatably could not be found anywhere. Knowing me I looked straight past it. No matter, this is what I found. The photos are not specifically relevant other than that I took them yesterday.

Until it dies

We play with words
We say, or don’t say
Dance towards and apart
Saying, but not saying
Doing, but not doing
Being, but partially
Here, abundance quivers
Waiting to be noticed
Bursting into life
Before our eyes
Offering untold delights and agonies
Passion beyond measure
Insight breaking through
Demanding attention
Yet we are too busy
Caught in our machinations
Of what might or might not be
What is or is not there
Whether we might lose face
Or some trivial piece of
So called importance
We use to define ourselves
And as we do
Waiting for the moment to be right
The flower that was offered
Begins to wither
It’s time to pass
And we do not notice
Until it dies.



There, dripping wetly in the darkness

Running smooth lipped like ice on stone

Lay the heart stopping death knell

Gut wrenching grasp slipping endings

Of beginnings, over and over

Coursed down upon my mind

Of wanting, knowing, but

That is not for now

Clinging that was not seen as so

Sharp edged ragged running

Tearing out from within

Beliefs that never were

Of having that never could be

Of warmth in dank places

Where echoing caves resound

With a hollow emptiness

Where fullness was sought

Nails run down gripless rock

Growth atrophied and killed through

Anaerobic slime, sludge sliding

Down face, belly, legs

No purchase made

Enter the void

Homilies that are mine that it is

A spiritual truth applies in all circumstances

If it doesn’t, it isn’t a spiriital truth

If you can’t apply it to yourself as much as anyone else

Then it isn’t a spiritual truth either.

(I could add to that. Or remove the word ‘spiritual’ but the gist remains the same)


If you wish to partake of unconditional love

Expect to get it as well as give it

And expect to learn to give it to yourself


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