No thing

There are times when I have little or nothing to say. Not because I’m empty (though that state in iteself could merit a whole essay which implies and seems to contain not just nothing but everything), but because there are no words to describe, or that there is a prolonged moment where I stand and stare, pondering or wondering, or because I am in a state of anticipation, or allowing thoughts, feelings or expressions to coagulate in my mind so they can be poured out. This is such a moment.


4 thoughts on “No thing

  1. Do you ever feel pressured to have something to say? (Even if the source of that pressure is completely internal.) They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes, these are precisely the kinds of “words” that are on my mind.

    • Once in a while though not often. I generally do what I feel or am moved to. Sometimes I have a lot going on inside I’d love to be able to share but there are simply no words to express it. That’s often when I do my more visual videos because I know some people will be able to ‘read’ what’s there. I imagine that’s quite similar to what you’re saying regarding a picture.

      • Yes, very similar, but you can–and do–take pictures as well. A person can “read” every bit as much into a photograph as they can into words and video effects. So, if you don’t have anything to say with words, say something with a still image.

  2. I’m aware of that. I have all sorts of ways of expressing layers of meaning. As I said many of my videos which are a series of images, usually my photos but also video footage, often with music, are multilayered and there for anyone who can read in that way. I don’t even mind if they read it completely ‘wrong’ because more often than not, while I might be expressing something specific (or even to someone specific) people can read them in ways which have meaning specifically for them which may not relate to me personally at all. The other day the image here you commented on was one of the rare times one image did it for me. I know you use ‘isolated’ images to express feelings and I enjoy that, but on this occasion I wanted to use words to describe wordlessness.

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