Made of Stone

Shaped by water.


4 thoughts on “Made of Stone

  1. I love the different time scales that are at work in this video; the highly temporary shapes of the water, the organic clock ticking away behind the shape of the seaweed and the various crustaceans, the geological time of the rock. And of course the invisibly fast time of all the atoms and molecules flying through the lot of it. Makes me wonder how different the world would look if we lived at a different speed; waves like stone, biology like water.

    • What had struck me particularly was because of the excessive and unusual amount of water coming off the land, plus the high winds we’ve had affecting the seas behaviour, great tracts of the beach were quite different from the way they’d been previously, and huge amounts of water flowing from the land had made the watercourse entirely different. So much had changed in a really short time. It brought into relief the nature of how things were changed and affected by water there over the years. I tend to relate water to emotions in the much smaller version that is us, so it was a useful observation.

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