Change of Plan

Funny how things change, the shifts we need to make, sometimes at the most unusual or unexpected of times. I’m putting the post I linked to here now. I’m doing what I was going to do there, here. Realistically there’s no apparent difference, other than the notion of a gesture and the liberation from obligation or expectation in any direction.


Online the lines are blurred, the places we are and aren’t visible to one another, the ways in which we can observe one another so very different, complex, unwittingly inviting intrusion. Here we live in transparent houses. The dividing lines are so ephemeral they don’t really exist. Here we get to see more realistically how close we truly are even though that may have no geographical correlation. Discover where we can touch and where we burn. We place our metaphorical jewels in the hands of the unknown, whether that be a faceless corporation, a real friend or a booby trapped foe. We may place the very heart of our virtual being in someones hands knowing they may crush it at will. Trust is a different thing here. It is osmosis, semipermeable layers. Edges are often invisible until crossed, our own hard to discern or even not where we thought they were.

A small addition, a person of quality, quoting me at me earlier today. Thank you Mary.

“Having accepted that everything is a gift, however it might appear, Misha found life taking on a new meaning.”—- Return to One,p 120


7 thoughts on “Change of Plan

  1. For me, the amount of interacting that I do via the internet by far exceeds “real life” human contact. It’s kind of an odd self-realization when I make this exact same comparison as you, but from an opposing perspective; how this semi-alien thing called the real world compares to my life surrounded by computer screens. I like the new theme, by the way. I can tell you took both those pictures yourself, and possibly within minutes of one another. Very nice.

    • Interesting. For me it seems to pertain not specifically to online or offline but the curious delineations between the two. I know several people I’ve met online but since got to know in RL. Here adds a dimension once you know someone, rather than the other way round, but it seems it can sometimes be a clashing dimension as different possibilities and ‘rules’ apply. Though sometimes this offers a really valuable enhancing perspective as well. I did take both pictures myself, but oddly not even in the same place, let alone the same time. They were taken a few weeks apart but went together so well I thought it worth putting them together.

      • Well… When the internet becomes your social commonplace, as it were, the real world becomes the clashing dimension of sorts. Though the delineations (as well as the similarities) remain intact regardless of the perspective; black is to white as white is to black.

        As for the photos, there really seems to be a lot of picturesque stuff going on over there, and you have an eye for it. At some point you should really invest in a nice DSLR and share your “perspective” on Flickr.

  2. I don’t know if you’ll see this as I don’t seem to have the option of a reply button.

    I live in an area known for its extraordinary light. I’ve sort of known that for years but never realised until living here how varied and unusual it is. I love it. A photo opportunity around every corner. lol

    • Yes, there’s a reply button. And, as I’ve said before, I’d have an awesome time strolling about over there with my camera bag. No doubt I’d find something to do with every lens I have.

  3. Every photographer (even a photojournalist) that I’ve ever met has been a great person. Maybe there’s some correlation between interests and personality traits. Go find someone with a couple of cameras hanging around their neck and see what sort of dialogue you wind up getting into with them 🙂

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