Fellow Travellers


I’m sharing this here, in the very early stages, because I want to invite people who might find it interesting and of benefit. I don’t want it to just become another YouTube with the usual suspects with the same old same old conversations. What would be the point? That already exists. In fact I’m not even sure I’ll make a video about it. I’ll see how I feel on that. What I’m trying to do here is to create an opportunity for a different form of communication, and one that I’ve found to be very beneficial in the past. We so easily lose sight of what we had in favour of so called improvements. While some of them may be, in that gain is almost invariably some loss or other.

The video site shows this up very clearly. While in some respects it offers us far greater opportunity for expression and creation, it also limits our exchanges, creates a heirarchy, and makes direct communication very limited. It also appears to be somehow (Intentionally? Not sure) geared towards conflict, which doesn’t seem all that helpful to me.

As things stand right now this forum is a bit messy, needs refining, and has little content. However, it would be of value to have a few trusted people there to try things out, offer thoughts and suggestions, if you’re so inclined, before I invite more people. However, please don’t go just to please me, or to be dutiful in some way. That is the very antithesis of what the place is all about.


4 thoughts on “Fellow Travellers

  1. Go on, blaze a trail! http://www.tokbox.com/ This package can be woven in to a forum but don’t ask me….API, what’s that? There’s actually an independent version on Facebook but I haven’t had the nerve to plonk it on anyone as you do, on FB !!!
    The idea scares me because I’m one of those you mention, who finds immediate mind interaction distracting to a clear line of personal thought…..not sure what that is down to but like to think it is an empathy/telepathy with other or others which can completely over-ride my own perspective. I have tried Skype with a small group of like interests and, although a little challenged initially, I really enjoyed how we all meshed in a kind of fore-ordained manner 🙂

  2. Thanks Ed, I’ll have a rummage at that site. Not sure it’s in a format I’ll be able to write in though.

    I don’t think anything on facebook is independant.

    You do seem to have some problems with posting at YT. I wonder why?

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