Through a glass darkly

A friend of mine did a blog post about womens tendencies to post photos of themselves in the mirror with their camera or phone included: It reminded me of how I started out many years ago. For an absolute age, from not much older than this:

I despised having my photo taken. I know exactly why but I’m not going to go into that here. I’d avoid it if at all possible and if I couldn’t I usually had a rather uncomfortable look on my face. I didn’t exactly feel my soul was being stolen but it was definitely an imposition I’d rather have done without. So upon the advent of digital technology and the opportunity to take photos of yourself it dawned on me it was an opportunity to overcome this, for myself at least, even if I didn’t share what I created.

So here is my first attempt, yup, in a smeary mirror and with camera in shot. lol It didn’t occur to me at first that there were many other options.

But very soon I realised I could do a lot more. Here are just a couple of examples of my early work. Most of it will never be seen by anyone but me, but why, girlies, do you insist on taking these photos of yourself with your phone as the centrepiece? Are you maybe more proud of the bit of pretty technology you own than you are of yourself?


4 thoughts on “Through a glass darkly

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  2. After writing my blog entry, it occurred to me that another reason for all these disappointing pictures may be a simple lack of incentive considering what the pictures are being taken with. The author may simply say to herself: “Oh hell, what’s the point? I’m using a god damn phone camera!” The counter-point to this is that even blurred vision is valued by the blind. So if a cell phone is the best that you can do, make the best of what’s at your disposal. Not caring–as is presently the case–only invites criticism. And rightful criticism, at that, especially if there’s no apparent progression.

    You, on the other hand, appear to have ascended leaps and bounds beyond that first cliche shot in the mirror. I just wish more people gave a damn, especially about things that they publish for the whole world to see.

    • Obviously we’re both speculating and could be completely wrong, and I could write a thesis on this, but I feel it fairly unlikely it’s because of the poor quality of the gadgetry they’re using. Many young women seem very proud of their phones, in fact measure their worth to some degree by how expensive it is and the bells and whistles it has. It seems more likely to me that most women (I say most because I spend very little time in front of a mirror, tend to avoid them) have their most intimate and direct relationship with theselves through a mirror, so it seems like a natural progession to take a photo in it.

      This is a great statement: ‘even blurred vision is valued by the blind’. and very true.

      I wish more people gave a damn about quality in general, but then again expression over none is better and spontaneity can sometimes be lost in an attempt to produce work of quality so it can be a bit of a juggle.

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