Life, Death and Connections

How strange life is. Some years ago I met someone at YouTube who proved to be someone quite important in my life. I won’t go into detail here. However, he died suddenly and unexpectedly last year. A member of his family who knew of me (we lived quite a distance apart and so much of our interation had to go on through the internet) knew how important we had been to one another contacted me and told me. She and I have been communicating ever since. That in itself has been really valuable for us both. She had promised to send me the things I’d given him, some of his ashes as he’d longed to move to the area where I now live, so that at least some small part of him could end up here, and photos of his paintings so I could make a video of them. I will tell the story of those in a video and probably post that here as well as at YT.

What is especially interesting however is that I hadn’t heard from her for a couple of weeks and this morning sent her an email asking if I might possibly have these things. I’m not sure why I had that sense of wanting them now, but I did. About 20 minutes later the postman arrived with a box containing what I’d asked for (a box resembling my own ‘death box’, with bits and pieces of memorable items for my children, very closely), and while I was opening it an email from her saying how strange I’d just asked as she’d sent them off yesterday, and that it was his birthday today. I’d forgotten that fact. I’ve always been somewhat hopeless at remembering birthdays other than my own offspring.

So happy birthday Mark. I will keep your ashes here for a while until it feels right to take them to where you will go. Thank you for being a part of my life, you infuriating man.


2 thoughts on “Life, Death and Connections

  1. That’s very special, Cathy. I didn’t know your friend but his last post on ‘loreleila’ YT stood out to me with an urgency quite apart from the other relevant replies. That was before you shared your loss with all of us and I tied things in. I’m actually feeling the emotion very strongly now with a well of tears from this heart of mine.

    • 🙂 It doesn’t surprise me you spotted it. There was more as well, some really poignant and curious happenings in our communication on his last day which I won’t be sharing, but emphasised this. You have a good heart Ed.

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