Badger Mushroom

I said in my last post I was going to put the videos I made about Mark here, and so I am doing. The title is pertinent because he was known as Badger by his friends and family. He definitely had a character which could b described as Badger like. He was one of the most eccentric people I’ve known, and I’ve known a few. In many ways that’s why we related so well. All eccentrics are different. They don’t conform to social norms and they aren’t the same. He was very honestly himself with me, something really important to me. he was also loving in a way few can manage, in being caring whether or not he got what he wanted or not.  Those people who truly impact our lives are few and far between, and he was one of mine. I learnt quite a lot of unexpected things from him, and I know he did from me. One thing I’ve sometimes pondered is whether things learnt matter when we’re all going to die. But then again I know he died at peace with the world due to something we discussed the day before he died, even though he had no idea at all that was what was coming. So perhaps it does. Of course the fact we’re all going to die anyway could well call into question anything we learn for ourselves, though the legacy of what we leave behind grants us some level of immortality and the awareness that who we are, what we learn and give, does actually matter.


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