Dust to dust

I left you there
Though you’d already gone
My heart was heavy
The timing had been wrong
Dust to dust
You came and went
The one who truly loved me
Who wished dreams come true
For me rather than you
A Merlin of hindsight
A life that passed through
Left me in that idyllic place
With no love left to grace
My hearth and heart
But an echo from the past
I wonder would you reach out
Your now invisible hand
And bring to me or grant me
The love lines in the sand
My footprints now are singular
As my life is too
I can’t quite seem to find myself
The only one who made some sense
In all his lunacy was you
Now gone the way we all must go
I wonder where’s the recompense
The sea that washes over you
The sand and you are one
The flowing in and drawing out
Are all my life’s become.


4 thoughts on “Dust to dust

  1. I seem to be able to apply your poignant words to everyone, here or gone before, Cathy, Possibly, you do, too. There are also those special ones who tally and soak in to our hearts.

    I am inspired to marry those two ideas. πŸ™‚

    • You’re right Ed, and I’d realised that after writing and posting, even though this originally specifically pertained to one person and action.

      Marrying ideas sounds good. Sometimes I get a whole host of them all trying to weave themselves together. It can be something of an impossibility to express them in that state, since I seem to more watch them blend and blur than actively make it happen.

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