See the wind

I don’t know what these represent. It’s at a Holy Well chapel near me which has very Pagan roots, and there are often bits and pieces on this tree, but there are lots more right now, perhaps because it’s the equinox. The little oval blobs are clearly meant to be people. Close up they have hair, heads and carefully applied clothing with stars on.


7 thoughts on “See the wind

  1. The winds do blow, but let Mother Nature be my anchor that I may reflect the stars, the Universe.
    “Make me an instrument of your Peace.” 😉

    • I’m lost right now. The trouble with looking for your way is that it can make you more lost. Asking to see the way can sometimes make you more lost for a while as well. Trust is hard at such times, but without it nothing changes.

      • Not sure, from your reply, how you are reading me. I was seeing the little dolls as prayers by those who placed them and putting some Christian equivalents to what seems pagan. Although I do pray in a Christian sense, I really don’t think it is as simple as He gap We, but at least I feel am honing in. The sense of lost is often there with me too. Life seems to generate outwards from an almost indiscernable pointless point. Life seems to be evaporating outwardly and thus, in a sense, seems a loss if we just focus on that. At the *point* we can ride the wave which is our generation and, I think, our regeneration and, okay, maybe I have arrived at a rehash of, ‘to find your Life, (ie the Life in you,) you must also lose it.’ You seem to be lost in the same field, lol. Rumi comes to mind, now.


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