Who are you?

It’s probably common to us all, that we have certain images buried in our psyches which keep cropping up. This is one of mine. Not the symbology and metaphor I’ve woven in (feel free to interpret all that as you wish), but the face. I don’t know who this is but he crops up from time to time and has ever since I’ve been young. He does bear a passing resemblance to my son but it isn’t him. Realistically I don’t ever expect to get an answer to that question but I still feel the need to ask it. Following questions is often so much more valuable than finding answers anyway.

He’s done is acrylics. I fancy working out how to use those rather better, since it’s one medium I’m never really spent time mastering. I’ve worked in oils, and there are many similarities, though oils can be rather annoying because they take so long to dry. Acrylics on the other hand tend to dry too fast. I’m aware I’m not using them in a traditional way. For example I’m using cotton buds to do some smearing about and pulling colour out, which is probably more suited to pastels and watercolour, but then I’ve never tended to do any of it the way you’re ‘supposed’ to. I’d far rather discover what can be done by trial and error. So there may be more. I have some images which haven’t quite come up from the depths yet.


7 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. How very fascinating. I wonder, does he have much to say, or does he just appear in your mind? How does he ‘appear’, if you were to describe it? Recently I did a ‘practice’ Tarot reading for what seemed to be a girl or ghost, but was probably my imagination. I wonder if this is like that or different.

    I’ve never done art of someone not seen. Was this recent? Your words are kind of interesting. He’s watery and young like the Page of Cups, which is relevant for you but interesting.

    • I’m not aware of him saying anything, but he does float about in here. It’s hard to describe how he appears. This time I knew I wanted to paint a face. I drew his face. ‘Oh it’s you again’ I thought. He looks a little different now the paint is applied, he looked the most like him in the drawing (whoever ‘him’ is and I have no idea how I know this), but the end result is just a slightly different mood rather than someone different. I don’t think about him at all (except now of course). I don’t know what he’s like in any way, but his face is so very familiar. Yes, recent, I painted it in the last few days. Since I’ve ‘known’ of him for many years one must assume if he were real he’d be a hell of a lot older now, but then maybe he’s just an archetype. I honestly have no idea. Most of what I paint comes out of my head though, rather than something in front of me, though I do do that once in a blue moon too.

      • So funny I missed this reply somehow. I’m always a bit frazzled when 4D breaks down…or rather, bemused.
        This made me think of something related to my therapist. Our relationship is unique in that while I am mostly there for therapy, I am (also) looking to train in her regard. Anyway–she strikes me always as someone so unbelievably straight-forward, on the level, and thus, sane. Thus it was with surprise during one of our more shared sessions that she mentioned she’s heard voices all her life–and furthermore, seemed entirely matter-of-fact in the relating to me. As, – You’ve got big boobs. – Yeah, I’ve had’em my whole life. — end dialogue — 🙂

  2. Hmm… I don’t know how I’ve missed this post. Above all else, it makes me ponder what I might look like if painted by someone who knows me only as a person on the internet, which is how I’m known by virtually everyone with the exception of a couple of friends and a few members of my family. Would I be depicted as a being with a face and a body? Would I be an object of some sort? Perhaps some masked entity? I once drew a self-portrait, but it was just a crummy “snapshot” of the reflection in the mirror; no artistic interpretation or symbolism.

    • It’s fascinating how we’re perceived by those online who don’t really know us at all. I’ve had quite a number of men imagining not only that they know me but that they’re in a relationship with me due to the fact I’ve replied to a few of their comments (which I do to everyone) and it’s been hard to disabuse them of that belief, to the degree I’ve ended up having to block some because they wouldn’t listen to reason. I imagine paintings would have a similar quality unless you’d conversed with someone over time and got to know them. Gary (Inmendham) who I’ve known online for years did a painting of me some time ago. While it’s not a particularly accurate representation I think he’s captured the essence of something about me: http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s253/cathysplace/loreleila.jpg It seems though that many perceptions of people online are more a reflection of the inside of the bearers head than a true representation.

      • Ah yes. I’ve seen all of Garry’s videos as well, including the one in which he’s painting that. Well done, though it feels like a slightly misinterpreted you. Obviously, this is for everyone to decide for him / herself, but I just don’t picture you looking anywhere near forward, perhaps not even off to the side, and there isn’t necessarily just one of you. If I’m ever feeling artistic enough, I might give this a shot.

  3. ‘there isn’t necessarily just one of you’

    Very true.

    ‘If I’m ever feeling artistic enough, I might give this a shot.’

    If you ever are I’d be fascinated to see the results. 🙂

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