Stoned Immaculate

I was given a wonderful gift of a massage which turned out to be a combination of hot stone, remedial, Swedish, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. I’ve had a lot of back problems over the years but also have an extremely strong back so most massages feel like being tickled and do next to nothing. I basically need beating up in a methodical way so my muscles will let go.  The woman who did it was tiny, yet the forms she used worked extremely well. I was quite surprised. I don’t know about you but when I think of hot stone massages I have visions of a row of stones down the back and some namby pamby spiritual wavings. Not so, the stones are pressed into your muscles and both the heat and the hardness of them works wonders.  At some point in the future I shall return for some pure Lomi Lomi which apparently throws you about all over the place. lol The body weight of the masseur also has the effect of getting in deep, which is what I need (perhaps something of a parallel to what I seek in interactions as well, some serious depth). I am lathered in rosemary cream also, which apparently helps relaxation, and told to leave it on overnight. Just as well I’m not going out, my hair looks a right mess.


4 thoughts on “Stoned Immaculate

  1. Yeah. My hair style is determined entirely by the way that I’ve slept the night prior. It’s just some junk that grows out of the top of my head; no one cares what I do with it one way or another. As for the massage, I’d probably fall asleep half way into it.

    • I’m not so different, though I do run a brush through it but then mine is a lot longer than yours. I’ve never really understood the tarting about with hair thing. Feels a bit yucky when it’s full of massage oil though.

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