I feel it should be time for me to put something here. But then who says I should or shouldn’t do anything? Me mainly, other than the sundry impositions the so called laws of the country see fit to impose upon me. So really, as far as this blog is concerned, I should only do it when I feel like it. Do I feel like it? Apparently so, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. But why write something when all you’re saying is there’s nothing to say? I have no answer for that. There feels to be a purpose of some description and maybe that will become apparent, or maybe it won’t. We’ll see.

Here are the things I want to do as regards to online creations and expressions:

I want to put photos of my recent paintings etc here. There’s a real difficulty in doing that with two of them because being on eggs it’s a virtual impossibility to show them to any advantage at all, and my recent painting seems rather hard to capture too.

I was planning on going somewhere very photogenic today but there were several severe weather warnings so I decided I’d prefer not to get blown or washed away and will hopefully do it tomorrow. Perhaps there’ll be some images, thoughts, feelings coming out of that.

It’s curious when you’re in a hiatus. There’s a sense of things happening but they don’t seem definable or feasible to capture in words or images, yet they have a significance of some kind. One of the hardest things of all to do is nothing. Sometimes when it’s forced on you, when life just seems to stop and there you are, yet you know by daring to embrace that nothing something quite significant could manifest. Then there’s the doing nothing that you have to make yourself do because what you really want to do is some self sabotaging self justifying behaviour you know is the very last thing you should do yet often does really well at convincing you action is vital, important and immediate.


Watch this space

Some of you know this part of me, some are aware of it but not explicitly, one or two think it’s nuts (even though you might be too ‘polite’ to say so) but it’s an aspect I am at last re-entering. I say this because the loss of it has been felt keenly. I’ve not even explained it have I? lol If you want to know more take a look at the channel itself :http://www.youtube.com/user/0Salome0  If not that’s absolutely fine. But if you do go looking please make no assumptions about the nature of this ‘me’, because if you do chances are you’ll be wrong.

Me and my tree

I posted this image a few days ago at facebook so one or two of you may have seen it before, but I wanted to share some thoughts about it. The tree in the image below must be several hundred years old. It’s a Beech whos roots sit proud of the land on which it sits by about three feet, meaning it started life when the ground level was that much higher. I imagine it’s survived for so very long due to the fact it has it’s deep roots in the river which runs alongside it. There’s a rather beautiful metaphor in that alone. It’s massive and it’s branches create a sort of protective embrace to anyone who sits under it. As you can see the branches, which start high up in the tree, reach down low so that when it has leaves it’s like sitting under a massive umbrella which dapples the light. It has a magical quality. You can imagine all sorts of life, both real and imaginary (if fairies, elves and the like existed they would definitely be living here) having fulfilling lives here. It’s covered in ivy, moss and numerous kinds of lichen, there are intriguing cavities and crannies and you can sit perched on one of the natural seats the roots have created and observe the complexities of this ancient living thing. It’s a wonderful place and an amazing tool for consideration of life in general, or relationships between lifeforms of all kinds. I’ve taken a number of people there and all who visit are enchanted by it also. Most have felt it’s ‘magical’ quality. If it were human it would be the wise one you went to see to ask for sage advice, but also the mother who would embrace you when you were feeling lost, hurt or confused. It is always there, always beautiful, endlessly fascinating. I love it.