Who needs a man….

When you have your own large lump of metal? http://hexibase.com/?p=1737 😉


9 thoughts on “Who needs a man….

  1. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. That is positively outstanding! Now we just need to set you up with a thumping stereo so that you can signal your alpha female status to everyone within half a mile radius 🙂

    • Four wheels go further. It’s quite funny, my car is absolutely covered in muck (an inevitability of living here, you wash the car, drive back, it’s covered in muck again, so eventually you stop bothering) but it didn’t show up on the photo. The joy of having a muck coloured car. Of course its ‘official’ colour is something like ‘champagne’. lol

  2. Pete, I’m sure yours is far more banging than mine. After all, it’s your work. Is that the deal you think, women get intuition and men have to get stuff? Maybe that’s where it’s all going wrong.

    • Ironically enough, the only ones impressed by my “banging” stereo are men. They, in turn, employ me to do the same for their stereos in hopes of attracting women, but all they end up doing is impressing more men. Sometimes I have to stand back in awe of what it is that I’m capitalizing on. (I tend to chuckle a lot for seemingly no reason.)

      • Ah so you know this. 🙂 How come more men don’t? I can imagine you chuckling away to yourself. I enjoy your honesty.

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