Watch this space

Some of you know this part of me, some are aware of it but not explicitly, one or two think it’s nuts (even though you might be too ‘polite’ to say so) but it’s an aspect I am at last re-entering. I say this because the loss of it has been felt keenly. I’ve not even explained it have I? lol If you want to know more take a look at the channel itself :  If not that’s absolutely fine. But if you do go looking please make no assumptions about the nature of this ‘me’, because if you do chances are you’ll be wrong.


4 thoughts on “Watch this space

  1. Just got done watching that whole channel. (Looks like it’s gone through several re-starts.) Suffice it to say, you’re not just talking to yourself, though you may want to expand on your statement of intent, as it applies to this latest re-emergence.

    • Perhaps, though unless or until I know what it is I’d rather not. Maybe just better to do it, be it. I don’t want to send myself off in a particular direction which then proves to take me in ways I don’t want or need to go. In some respects the whole point is that I retain fluidity, not back myself into a corner again.

      Prior to being at YT I was part of a very active yet diverse and individualistic group where such things could be freely explored, shared, taught. While I’m generally solitary that vibrancy of sharing and growing is lacking. Perhaps I should put a call of some sort out for it. I can’t stand any of the organised groups of either pink fluffiness or dark doings which are so absurd to me, or pretty much most groups that lay claim to explorations of such, so superficial, assumptive and ridiculous are they. But I miss the fuel such sharing brings. I’ll have a think once I’ve finished what I’m in the middle of doing.

  2. I think we all need to go closer to the edge…..I am feeling your relative divergence at this time, but, then, shingles is being processed which grabs its portion of my vitality 😉

    • Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that Ed. My neighbour is suffering the after effects of shingles so I know how unpleasant it can be. I think I need to jump off the edge but no doubt I’ll get to that point eventually. You can’t rush these things.

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