More than Nature

There’s something quite special about the whole concept of this place. It may be a microcosm, to have little or no impact on the world as a whole, but the idea of taking care of nature, of taking some real responsibility for it and our place and part in it which seems significant to me. Of course, like anywhere of this nature, it’s a money making enterprise, but at least they do some good things with what they make, and perhaps inspire others to make some small difference. There’s also something about the marriage of man’s creaitvity alongside natures spectacular displays I find pleasing.


2 thoughts on “More than Nature

  1. Very beautiful. There’s actually a biosphere about 45 miles from where I live, in Tucson, AZ. I’ve been meaning to go visit it and do a sunset time lapse in one of the glass domes using my fisheye lens.

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