Breaking moments

It’s quite strange that sometimes you can innocently make comment on something apparently unrelated to anything else going on around, then discover a whole host of correlates sort of backing you into a corner until you find yourself caught in the paradox and needing to break (open). I’ve noticed before when this kind of thing happens it comes at you from all angles and isn’t necessarily pertaining to one type of thing or the rights and wrongs of you or others, more the fractal breaking open and open and open, taking all with it. Of course I can only take responsiiblity for my own breaking. Whether others choose to take the ride and benefit from it is not relevant to me, nor for me to take responsibility for. But that said I also need the courage to say what I need to, because it’s all interconnected and interwoven and if I place myself out of that or not in relation to the entire pattern I can’t break either.

There’s a strange beauty as well as discomfort in such moments, for three reasons. First because the pattern briefly reveals itself, second because it is in these moments where I realise for all I know I know nothing at all so can resee with new eyes and third because I not only know the connection to all, I feel and see it.


4 thoughts on “Breaking moments

  1. If the big Shift is stirring, this realising has been it. We may well be entering the ‘liquidiser’ for the blending. What we think we ‘know’ has merely been there to steady the ship, (oh my, those metaphors, too!) I see that a ‘quickening’ is ‘available,’ always has been available……begins to sound/look like the frightening vortex of our black hole……but the regenerative white hole no longer goes unnoticed and we rise again in liquid unisong.

    • I’m not sure if that’s the case Ed, but I do know this is something I need to do on a fairly regular basis, especially if I find my position fixed in some way, because that really doesn’t suit my nature or my place in the scheme of things. I am ‘me’ far better when in the flow than trying (in a rather futile way) to resist it. If what you predict is the case I can only be better for it too.

      • Do I remember, from ago, your ‘feather’ landing… time and feathers do fly 😉
        (ps, I burnt my breakfast whilst so taken up with your blog and my correlations……
        wondered why I was becoming so bleary-eyed, but I remain unperturb-ed at what is now the black whole of my saucepan….strange innit :-))

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