The day after yesterday

The day before tomorrow. Dappled and rippled


7 thoughts on “The day after yesterday

  1. And today is tomorrow’s yesterday 🙂

    Very serene. I even recognized “your tree” from the post at the beginning of May. To me, all this is especially nice since rich greenery is kind of hard to come by out here in the desert. As “artistic” as I could make it, I certainly can’t see myself doing too many slow pans across mounds of sand and bushes of dry twigs.

    • 🙂 lol I’d promised someone I’d show them what it looked like under my tree when the leaves were back and the light was ‘dappled’. The title, as you probably realise, pertained to your comment on a previous post. I’d far rather be in a hot climate but one advantage of ours is the very clear and dramatic changes that go on.

    • Thanks Ed, though not a word I’m terribly fond of, unless it comes with guarantees. Care is perhaps a better one, but then words do so limit anyway.

      • Guaranteed by Mother Nature herself ! Certainly, when I have doubts or inward disturbance, the likes of your compilation here dispel them…. yes, it is more than the Prudential, though care wasn’t my slant 🙂

    • 🙂 Indeed I will. A friend pointed out how very female a tree it was. Looking at some of this the trunk looks like the back/side of a woman’s body.

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