Our intelligence is our weakest link

Sometimes I look at all the pontificating that goes on, the assumptions we as humans, as (theoretically, arrogantly) the most intelligent species, are also gods, in a position to choose for all life, to make value judgements on life itself, and then carry out our masterplans, to impose them on all life, whatever they happen to be, and of course that changes depending on the time and philosophical climate we’re in. I find it both interesting and disturbing that if we don’t do this under the guise of acting on behalf of an omnipotent being we elevate ourselves to omnipotence, whilst failing to realise we’re embroiled in what we’re trying to observe and therefore cannot see it with any real clarity, nor are we little gods. Our weapon of mass destruction is our brain, and our apparently largely inbuilt arrogance which assumes whatever we happen to believe is the ultimate reality and we have dominion over it, our idiocy. This, to me, is an exquisitely stupid intelligence, one which places its ego at the very heart of existence. We deify ourselves if we have no external deity. One way or another it seems we find ourselves in need of authority over life, even though that’s patently absurd.

It’s a curious anomaly, because if we were able to realise that as part of everything, a very small part at that, we are an essential element of it all, but not a god over it, not only  might we start to move with greater care and discretion, we might also learn to appreciate it more. I find it fascinating that man seems to require individual gods, whether that’s some externalised all powerful being or himself. It’s the rare individual who dares be a cell in the entire organism.

We find ourselves so clever we believe we can seek after truth and arrive there, then impose our wisdom on life as if we stand outside it. How can it be truth if we do not exist within it? As I see it, we are an element of truth, and must surrender to that fact. That doesn’t mean we should then behave unthinkingly, for we have these minds and can learn to use them well, if we were just able to see how very small we really are, and how our impositions tend only to harm. It’s both simpler and more complex than we can imagine. But we have an element within us, an alchemical essence which could make such a difference, and I will not name it, for those who think themselves gods because of their minds would not understand, and those who already know it do not need me to.

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8 thoughts on “Our intelligence is our weakest link

  1. ‘It’s the rare individual who dares be a cell in the entire organism.’
    ACKK, this just grates across my neurons like a plate shattering in the night. What is daring about subjecting oneself to subjugation–by the self, and against the self? There’s a name for the kind of cell you describe: cancer. I’m not trying to be taciturn but what is the point in allowing oneself to be a part of the hand that plucks its own ‘organismal’ eye out? I will not stand for that, as I have, before

    • Exactly where did I say anything about subjugation, either by or against the self? How is being part of everything, a natural symbiosis, which is going on anyway, whether you’re conscious of it or not, akin in any way to cancer? It would seem you feel to let go in any way is to invite attack, yet it’s far from that.

  2. The great power that comes from individuality is what makes us god-like. There’s nothing wrong with merging that with another or with a group for a larger purpose, but when I read this I am hearing, If you think for yourself, then you are weak. Without the collective cooperation, you are blind and clumsy. The moment you think yourself cognizant and capable–the moment you have the audacity to speak, and make choices, try things and experiment–is the one in which you have abandoned your neighbor. And he’s the most important thing–EVER.

    I know you’re not saying that but I can’t figure out where I’m getting caught.

    • Yes, you’re very much reading this wrong. A cell is a cell however it perceives itself, and whether it likes it or not it’s part of the body which surrounds it, but if a toe cell imagines itself in a position to choose for a brain cell that’s when you are at greatest danger of cancer, of one thing imagining itself itself in a position to choose for all, which is where the human mind so very often tends to go wrong. But in many ways seeing yourself as part of the whole means you are able to advocate for yourself as well as that which you are close to and connected with. Many see it as a choice as to whether they consider their needs (perceived as selfish) or others needs (theoretically altruistic) paramount, but that’s a nonsense, a false dichotomy. From the persepective I’m looking from it’s very important to consider your self and needs, but as part of a bigger picture. If your needs aren’t being met then you’re likely to be unconsciously sabotaging everything around you, clutching at others, blaming them and so on, so neither you nor they benefit, whereas if you see yourself as part of a continuum, and as the nucleus of your world, you serve both yourself and others in a far more realistic and productive way.

  3. Whether tis consciously thought or blindly propagated, it is all ways a holy spirit which moves us, reflected most beautifully to our senses by the our Earth, our Sun, our moon and the ceaseless swing of the elements.
    A great ocean storm blew up and the occupants of the ship grew fearful. They were being moved by a holy spirit. Their judgement swung to partiality and emotions thrashed about the mean of their holiness in the raw exercise of its power to move or unmove from a *fullcrumb* of the longed for and attainable Peace. Without doubt this surpasses intelligence!

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