Revelations in time

Many years ago (maybe quarter of a century) a book came into my hands which seemed in many ways to sum up the essence of the way I view a number of aspects of life. It appeared at the time to be quite a cerebral tome, though it’s an allegory, but the writer put quite a lot of complexity in there, along with subtle concepts which expressed some important issues for me. I have no idea what happened to my copy. I can’t remember if I lent it to someone or if it vanished in some other way, but it’s long gone. I wrote something inside the cover, along the lines of ‘the moment you claim enlightenment is the moment you’ve lost it’. It didn’t tell me this in the book but it seemed relevant at the time.

Something that was said to me the other day, a friend sharing an experience he’d had years ago, reminded me of it. Over the years I’ve thought of it, but just assumed it would be out of print. I must admit I’ve also wondered if it would have a similar, or indeed any impact on me now, and wasn’t sure I wanted to find out. Some things are of a certain time, give us what we need, and then we move on. I didn’t really want to risk a sense of disappointment, but now I’m going to find out. I looked on Amazon and there are second hand copies so I’ve ordered one.

I’m not going to mention its title here, I’d rather take a look myself first and possibly report back. But the point isn’t really the content of the book, but that certain things in life seem to find us at exactly the ‘right’ moment and reveal just what is needed, and those moments of revelation are just beautiful, moments which can sometimes change our lives forever. Of course those can come in any number of ways, and can also be brought about through something incredibly simple. Someone saying something where a lightbulb goes on over your head, a connection with another person which touches a part of ourselves we’d either forgotten about or had never seen, or even a small simple pleasure which manifests as some kind of peak moment. You know, those times that make life worthwhile (if indeed you find it so, I certainly do).


6 thoughts on “Revelations in time

  1. When I got out of bed the other morning my topsheet was looking something like that! I do believe that Bohm’s implicate order applies to all of our lives, all of ‘consciousness,’ but that we still are free to choose the foot-up or turn the blind eye and get lost in the downdraught. I must admit this choosing does involve some sleep-walking! Subtle and complex is the process of waking to each new day 😉 In other words I agree with your revelations and look forward to being filled in 😉

    • It has seemed to me that sometimes we do get the choice to turn our heads away, but other times there’s no choice, our face gets rammed in it whether we like it or not. In fact I’ve seen time and time again that if something isn’t seen with a gentle nudge it can end up being a mallet round the side of the head!

      The filling in will largely depend on whether the book contains what I remember it doing, or if it somehow revealed the inside of my own head. But then again that too would be interesting. 🙂

  2. I’m often inspired by things that have no direct connection to the medium at hand. Sometimes, shapes and colors will inspire sounds for me to use in my music, a conversation or a story about one thing might inspire a post about another. I’m sure this also has a lot to do with timing, as it’s probably several things that have to come together simultaneously for me to transform them into something else. My guess is that things like the time of the year, the mood, the weather, the smell, even the temperature have quite a lot to do with the way in which something might impact us. I’m almost certain that I could be a lot more creative if I lived someplace else…

    • I’m sure you’re right. It’s like the perfect storm, all things must come together to create that alchemy. Part of the ‘problem’ is that you can’t really manufacture it. You can try, but trying to be inspired is a bit of an oxymoron.

      What do you think it lacking in where you live?

      • Several things. The comfort of being outside, for one. I do some of my best thinking when I’m walking around, but doing that here is just uncomfortable. I also draw a lot of inspiration from change; different seasons, different colors, different things happening in nature.

  3. That makes sense. While I’ve always longed to live somewhere hot I’ve also been aware they cycles and unpredictability of being here are a rich source of inspiration.

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