Little piece of heaven

The video above is probably not worth your while watching, well not unless you have absolutely nothing to do and are of a mind to watch someone else doing apparently very little. It’s me finishing off a painting, in the sunshine (at last), in my little piece of heaven, accompanied by my housemates, the birds.

I was thinking last night about doing a blog on growing fruit and veg. Not on the practicalities of it, I have no desire to impose that on anyone, but the pleasures of it, the joys of working with nature to create sustenance for oneself. It’s certainly not an easy option. There’s a lot of work involved and I’d suggest if you want cost effective you go to Tescos. If I costed out my time this is incredibly expensive produce. But then again, the time spent, the realisations of ones part in the whole scheme and cycle of things is priceless. Of course we all know this in theory, but knowing with the head is really not comparable with the doing and living of. The pleasures of watching stuff grow, of ones little successes (and indeed failures), of understanding how you can use nature’s complexities to work in harmony with itself, and you, the taste of that which you’ve grown and just cut or picked or pulled out of the soil is incredible. It reminds me, yet again, that the real joys in life are the simple ones, the connections, the engagements with, the beauty of being a part of something, even if that is sometimes painful.

It’s a shame so much of life, or what is presented as life, would suggest it’s in detaching from, battling with, avoiding in all manner of forms, which is what we should be striving for. In all our man made nonsenses and attempts to achieve dominion over reality we so often lose it. Here I am, in my little piece of heaven (and sometimes hell), and I am glad of it.


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