It’s been ages since I posted anything here. It’s funny how these things seem to ebb and flow. I tend to go with that rather than contrive input which never seems to work well, for anyone. This is an odd little story, one I’m not sure has any great or profound meaning, but I’m not sure it doesn’t either.

The other day I was about to go out when I saw an unknown car next to my vegetable plot, and someone wandering about in it. As you may know I’m well off the beaten track and my lane only leads to my neighbours fields so the only people who use it are either my ‘people’ or theirs. So I stomped off to ask this intruder what he was up to. It was a rather bemused older chap who couldn’t understand what I was on about at first, since he had apparently assumed the land to belong to my neighbours and had placed two beehives there, which they’d apparently told him he could do (on their land, not mine). He was quite put out that he’d wasted some time doing so only to have to move them. It hadn’t occurred to him to check beforehand. His car had bees flying about it, it was something of a curious scene, and how he’d managed to drive here without disaster is a mystery. I know bees aren’t vicious, but I don’t imagine they take kindly to being bundled into a confined space and thrown around.

He told me the neighbours had said he could put them in their field, but that the gate was locked so he put them where he had. Later I checked the gate, and while the main one had a padlock on it there was a large person gate to the side of it which was open, which he must have failed to notice. I told him I was allergic to bee and wasp stings (which I am, every time I’m stung it spreads further, it’s not good), but that otherwise I’d probably have suggested he leave them there. I believe the bee population is dropping and of course without them nothing gets pollinated. I do have quite a lot of bumble bees here, and have managed to learn to work round them without freaking out, and they seem to move out of the way quite happily as long as you don’t charge at them. I pointed him towards my neighbours garden and as I left he could be seen trying to get in. I have to assume he succeeded since my garden is now full of honey bees happily buzzing away. Apparently I must further come to terms with coexisting with something that can cause me considerable harm. I don’t see that as a bad thing as such, though I guess being consulted might have been nice.

It surprised me how cross I was with this silly man at the time, though it is something of a shock to see some unknown wandering about your home, be it inside or out. The significance of it being bee related is quite interesting, for the above reasons, but also because of the more symbolic considerations which I explored afterwards, and from ancient times it appears humans have revered bees, who have been around for aeons longer than we have. It would seem I’m going to have to get the hang of them, despite them not setting up home on my vegetable patch. Bees boundaries relate to pollen, not fences. I’m sure my flowers and veggies will be delighted though.