Flute (with a tiny hat)

Well I thought I had something to complain about yesterday but YT decided not to share the video I uploaded today with ANY of my subscribers, so I’ll put it here instead. Dancing on shifting sand, as ever….

I’ve been saying for ages I’m going to pick up and play my flute, and have failed to do so. Finally I have, this is what came out. It’s not very good and don’t ask what the tune is because I have no idea, it’s just what manifested. I’m kind of marking this moment for posterity. Whether it will develop in any way or be as long before I pick it up again is anyone’s guess. The last time was about 3 years ago for a couple of days, I haven’t played it with any seriousness for possibly 10 years when I used to play regularly with several groups of musicians. The sound on this is generally poor, the reason being that the muscles used to get a good clear sound which are in the cheeks and mouth are out of condition. This is very much a workout for them. When you play for a while after not doing they ache.


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