E-Quality competition information and rules

Preamble: Many video makers at YouTube are there because they wish to express themselves and to fight for causes close to their hearts. Creativity and communication lie at the heart of what many of us do. We might be seen as somewhat homespun or even amateurish (not that there’s anything wrong, or lacking in creativity in that, far from it) in the broader world, but this is a misperception and misrepresentation. We’ve grown over a number of years, unique genres and styles developing as part of an ongoing connection between many, despite YouTube itself taking an increasingly business model. What we do needs to continue to thrive. The competition seeks to encourage and develop this irrespective of the changes, to develop our sense of community and creativity, and to introduce and create new lines of communication between this world and the art and video traditions which exists outside it. Quality and change come in many forms, we grow through interaction with those different as well as those similar.

To Enter: Make a video up to a maximum of 5 minutes (though preferably less, but any exceeding that will not be considered) which represents any cause or issue that’s important to you in a creative way. You can use video footage, photography, metaphor, music, performance, song, text, cartoon, or spoken word expressing your thoughts and feelings on your chosen topic. While you may wish to make a vlog in addition to your entry for your subscribers or anyone who might be interested, please do not make one as an entry as this competition is about creative rather than described expression.

Once made please upload it and attach it to the main E-Quality competition video. You can enter as many times as you like. Some of us have a number of inequalities or causes we are attempting to address and change, so better that than trying to get them all into one. These don’t have to be serious or scholarly. Humour, fun, entertainment, tensions, and absurdities are as welcome as are profundity, intensity or deep and meaningfuls. Do whatever works for you. If you’re unclear I’ve uploaded an example which is attached to the main competition video (though unlisted) which doesn’t cover one specific topic but which may give you some notions of possibilities. Mine is not the ‘right’ way to do it however, just one, and I’ve thrown the kitchen sink at it in terms of  implied issues. One area is probably better.

Closing date: 28th February 2013


1 All footage should either be your own, or someone who’s given you permission to use theirs. If they have it marked as creative commons you still need to ask them if you can use it, and attribute them in the lowbar. But this is about your creativity and ideas not someone else’s so make sure you don’t just regurgitate others work.

2 If you use stock footage make sure it’s creative commons and attribute your source.

3 If you want to include music there are numerous sites who allow use of their music under creative commons license. Here are a few:




Similarly, attribute the musician and site in the lowbar.

4 You don’t have to use all new footage, but it does need to be a new presentation or combination, offering your ideas in an original way. One of the joys of YT is how work can be reworked, altered etc. It’s part of the creative culture there and there’s no reason that can’t be celebrated.

5 Please don’t put an introduction on your video. It would be meaningless in a RL exhibition.


After various consultations and the realisation any judgements made will be subjective and pertaining to personal taste and preference, alongside the wish to encourage and develop a mutually beneficial and supportive creative community the main form of assessment will be by contributors. Once the closing date has passed each will be asked to choose two videos, a favourite and a second place. This will be collated and the prize winner and 6 exhibition places (including the winner) chosen by this method.

There will be a second tier of voting by popular vote. The most popular video as assessed by thumbs up (ignoring thumbs down which are not part of the process) will be given a most popular vote award, but will not receive a cash prize. The top two will be entered into the exhibition alongside other winners.

One video will be selected from those who either have only phones to make videos with, and therefore no editing software, or who have never made a video before. If there are 5 or more entered into this category the best one will be entered into the exhibition, as selected by other participants, and receive a Newcomers award. If there are less than 5 they will fall into the main body of participants and this award will be dropped. They are not excluded from the top prize, but would have to be voted as best by participants. If you fall into this category (and wish to be considered for this award) please put ‘N’ at the beginning of your title so others know. If you have any difficulties attaching videos to the competition video let me know and I’ll help you resolve it.

One video will win the critics choice award which will be chosen by Falmouth University  Department of Performance and possibly a representative of the gallery chosen for the other screening . There will not be a cash prize for this, but it will be included in the exhibition.

Many thanks to all those who helped think this through. There were a number of other good ideas which would prove too complicated to action.


This competition will be partly sponsored by Falmouth University Department of Performance, who will be putting up the prize money of £100.  The University will also be hosting a screening of videos made by finalists.  (If circumstances allow, this event will be streamed live through Google Hangout).

In addition, the videos of the finalists will be screened at a gallery in Cornwall.  Several venues are interested in being involved so the space chosen to host the screening will be announced in due course.




So long it is since I made mark
On this space, the not quite place
No need to enter all the time
Or even think of reason and rhyme
As to when or why or even if
I’m coming close to
Near the edge,
The precipice, the cliff
Of making and not making
The being neither here nor there.
It’s time for bed
The sandman said
As he watched the waves
O’ertop his toes
And felt the sea and sand together
Suck them as they stood reposed,
It’s always some of this and that
Or curved and flat,
Of in and out and here and there
Of nevermore, of far and near.
The tension lies between the two
That are not two, or three or four
They’re always bothing less and more.
The time and places where I look
Upon your face, the face of all
Reflected here, the edges only made of fear,
But for all that not really here.
Mirage makes, mirage takes
And dream a dream until you wake
And sleep again in different way
Or stay, and break the pattern
Making it revealed.