So long it is since I made mark
On this space, the not quite place
No need to enter all the time
Or even think of reason and rhyme
As to when or why or even if
I’m coming close to
Near the edge,
The precipice, the cliff
Of making and not making
The being neither here nor there.
It’s time for bed
The sandman said
As he watched the waves
O’ertop his toes
And felt the sea and sand together
Suck them as they stood reposed,
It’s always some of this and that
Or curved and flat,
Of in and out and here and there
Of nevermore, of far and near.
The tension lies between the two
That are not two, or three or four
They’re always bothing less and more.
The time and places where I look
Upon your face, the face of all
Reflected here, the edges only made of fear,
But for all that not really here.
Mirage makes, mirage takes
And dream a dream until you wake
And sleep again in different way
Or stay, and break the pattern
Making it revealed.



2 thoughts on “Sandman

  1. I am always get most inspired artistically when I need to be going to sleep for the sake of practical life like getting up and going to work in the morning. Most annoying lol

    You photo is beautiful Cathy

    • lol Yes I wrote this just before bed, the sandman was calling. I think there are portals opened in the mind when such letting go takes place.

      Thanks Pete 🙂

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