Flickr Group and =P

It’s been absolutely ages since I posted here. I’ve been quite busy elsewhere setting up all sorts of projects, thinking ‘I must put this at my blog sometime’, and now, here I am. I did have specific intentions to do some sort of paper on Equals Project and the E-Quality competition, which I still intend to do at some point, when the moment arises because there’s still a lot of activity which precludes writing anything at all definitive. Here are a few links for now:

And if you look at the Equals Project you’ll see there are ongoing projects over and above these, with various others planned.

I’ve just set up a new Flickr photography group via the Equals Project, to attempt to create and offer a useful group for those who seek to develop their eye, knowledge and skills by supporting one another. See here:

If you’d like to be part of that you’d be more than welcome.

If you have any other ideas please do let me know. Sorry this is just a list of sorts. I will return to explain properly before too long. Hope anyone who reads this is doing well, one way or another.