Here I am

It’s been absolutely ages since I wrote here, so long they appear to have changed the way it all looks (and probably operates, that I’ll have to wait and see). There’s no specific reason for this, only that I haven’t felt like typing, or sharing in this way. Possibly when I’m feeling more visual it doesn’t seem relevant, but that’s just guesswork. There’s not much feedback here. Sometimes that’s just what I want.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a project which I’ll probably share around the place, including here. So this is a little heads up, though it will be in other places too. I hope this finds you well, whoever ‘you’ are, or if not well, then well placed, or learning, of feeling something of value. Travelling purposefully, or fulfillingly, or some such.

Here’s a clue. More to follow:



3 thoughts on “Here I am

  1. I go through those periods too. I’ll post everyday and then I fall off. Usually, I’m exploring some other outlet of expression.

    I CAN’T wait to see what you weave!

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