Small Gifts

We’re all giving and receiving all the time. Even if we’re virtually hermits, we still have no choice but to interact with our surroundings and those we might come into contact with, human and non human, or even with our environment and the potential long term consequences of that. Mostly, we’re blithely unaware of the impact of what we do. It all seems so insignificant, or unconscious and therefore completely unnoticed. If we go online that will happen even more. Literally anyone in the world might be affected by what we say or do. They may never tell us about it. Of course generally we can’t be held responsible for how everyone reacts to our actions, for none of us are responsible for the entire planet, though we are responsible to it. We can only ever act from a place of desiring to do no harm, but even that is no guarantee we won’t. This project is a small attempt to raise consciousness of these acts, to wake up just a little more, to the interconnectedness of everything we move through.

As I progressed through this I realised some of the consequences of my actions here could be fascinating, but that I probably wouldn’t ever be made aware of them. So rather than unconsciously acting and so not even thinking about consequences in that respect I’ve had to let go of the desire to know them. Or at least accept I won’t while I consider the possibilities. For example, when people find these, will they take them? Or will they leave them there for others to find? How will they feel if they do take one? Will there be any sense of being a bit naughty in doing so, a sense of satisfaction, or something else? How will they react to them and whatever word is inscribed there? Will they speak about them with those they’re with, dismiss them, pop the one they find in their pocket and take it home? Will they put them somewhere at home to remind them of their holiday or will they give it to a friend, or the person who fed the cats while they were away? Will they ever wonder who put them there, and why? Will they contemplate whether it was intentional or a mistake? Will they hand them in to someone considered to be in authority (unlikely)? Will finding one make them smile? Will even one of them have any impact, however small, on someone’s life? Or will they all be washed away, or washed clean by the sea?

If nothing else this is a small reminder that giving needn’t be painful, or especially demanding. That it can sometimes be satisfying to do so. And that giving to people you have never met, and will never meet, even after the giving, can be curiously pleasing.


3 thoughts on “Small Gifts

  1. ✌ Cathy, what an awesome and inspired idea. A few years ago, I did something similar. However, instead of rocks, I wrote quotes from the book Ishmael on them and left them on the bus, slipped them into books at the library, anywhere really.

    I really like the idea of the rocks. In my mind’s ear, I’m hearing “what wonderful thoughts, concepts placed on the planet for others to find and spread. The solidity of the canvas… I ramble. ✌” AWESOME and INSPIRED! “

    • Thank you Drew. Yes, there are all sorts of ways one could do this kind of thing. While, as I say in the video, I don’t need others to do anything similar I’ll be really interested to see what others have or might choose to give in such a way. So I’m really pleased to hear yours.:)

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