For Granted

I’d take her for granted if I were you,
That’s the most intelligent thing to do.
Treat her mean and keep her keen
May be a saying of old,
But go on, be bold,
Just treat her as if she’s of no
Somewhere beneath
Admin and common sense
Will have her waiting with baited breath,
Until you deign to turn your gaze
To favour her with a moment of care;
And then to her knees she’ll fall
In gratitude at your clarion call
Or maybe not.



10 thoughts on “For Granted

    • Hello stranger. I was thinking about you only the other day. Yes I’m ok. Sometimes things are not as we’d like, but knowing what’s what is always valuable imo. How are you?

      • I guess it is, reality is reality even if it’s pretty ugly some of the time. I am pretty good as it happens, started on the boat build near Aberdyfi this spring, getting out a bit more and such. Got a new Skype if you ever want to IM chat although I’m not online as much as I used to be.

  1. Hi Loreleila, sorry if this appears O/T, but in case you’re interested in my experience with the new G+ system that I’ve heard people, including yourself, rumbling about, Google have now removed all my Youtube connectivity, so I still have an account but it is effectively frozen. I can no longer comment, pm, ‘like’, add anything to folders or even subscribe to any other youtubers’ accounts. Presumably the idea is that I’ll cave in to the pressure and agree to setting up a G+ account. They’ve already mad a shell one for me, to encourage me to do as they say.

    Still seem to have some freedom on the Blogger account, but no idea how long they’ll allow this to continue.

    I’d love to have some feedback from other people on what’s happening for them, but no-one seems to be talking about it.

    If Google want to cut me off, then they cut me off.

    I salute them in the traditional style!

    • Why have they done that? And how incredibly frustrating. Silencing people is about the most disempowering thing you can do. I have several YT accounts (all other than my main small) and they still seem to be operational despite my having been tricked into connecting with Google+ and then unlinking again. Google don’t own wordpress so I doubt this is likely to change at the same time, though Google do seem to be up for world domination.

      What workarounds have you tried? Can you put a link to your channel here (if you’d be prepared to)? Maybe this can be resolved somehow. Have you tried unlinking from Google+?

      People mostly just moan and complain and then go along with whatever happens. We aren’t generally given any choice other than going elsewhere. My sense is that most of us are going to become collateral damage.

      We all have nice shiny Google+ pages set up for us. It’s becoming like a contemporary (and considerably more sinister) 1984.

  2. Hi Cathy, I think we may have our wires a little crossed here. First off, correct me if I’m wrong, but neither of us are very techie type people, is that right? I’m certainly not, so I’m flying blind here, apart from a little advice I get from a friend who is techier – and closed their YT account down months ago when they found it too intrusive.

    NB My blog is a Blogger blog, not WordPress. Blogger is now part of the Google empire.

    I think you must have, inadvertently, physically agreed to have a G+ account (through ticking a box at some point) and that is why you can still operate your YT channels.

    My YT channel still exists. It is up there, you can see my photo, likes and history. The problem is, as far as I understand it, that, because I have not AT ANY STAGE ticked a box “consenting” to have a G+ account, my entire Google-related identity is freezing up. I’m sure Google aren’t targeting this at me or any individual, it’s just the way they’ve set the system to gradually ratchet up the pressure to force “consent”, ie, compliance: to get every single account holder to tick a box that confirms their G+ account.

    The stage my accounts are at now is that whenever I do sign in now to the Googleplex, I cannot sign out again without cleansing and purging my entire system to get rid of the cookies Google has put there. One way to check whether they have got you like that, is to simply look at the Google front page. Does it show you as signed in, as you, in the top right hand corner? If so, they can monitor every move you make online.

    Have you read this Guardian article?

    I shan’t be signing in much any more from now on, if at all. Fortunately I can still comment in quite a few places, like here, without.

    Anyway, best wishes,

    • Ah hello. Thanks for the info. I’ve shared that article at YT. I’ve been aware for ages of just what they’re up to, and that privacy online is gone forever. I’ve been trying to box clever, keep a toe in the water so I can continue to communicate, while keeping a distance of sorts. I did sign up to Google+ some time ago, due to a foolishness on my part (an invitation from someone I was close to when it was in beta), but I went to strenuous efforts to delete it, and I believe have done so. But I’m very much aware that everything I do is monitored because I have a gmail account which follows most of what I do. I reckon, and always have (long before all this when it was a free for all), that perhaps someone might learn something, and as long as I don’t mention anything especially private or illegal it’s just white noise. They have such a massive amount of information the majority of it will sit there until doomsday. Even if what I do pops to the surface, if I’m that interesting to them so be it. We just need to not share every last detail, as so many seem to.

      It’s my intention, and I’ve been getting all sorts of nudges, to find alternative ways, places and methods of communication with a level of privacy. But I don’t think I’ll be going as far as darknet (and that word alone will probably flag my existence up to someone, so hi there, officious peeping tom), but I will find something. Can we pm each other on this wordpress blog? I can let you know if I find anything that way. I won’t suggest you write to my gmail 😛

      All the best

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