Start again again

I don’t know about you, but often I find the practicalities of life seem to mirror what I need to act on internally. Not sure if that made sense. I’ll try and say it more clearly. Life can present symbolic hints as to what one needs to address in a more personal way. I’ll give the examples which have led me to saying this, which might clarify.

My phone stopped receiving any emails from either account I use a few days ago. It’s a pretty new phone, so there was no apparent reason as to why. I tinkered and didn’t seem to be able to make it work. Then the adblocker I have on here stopped working and everywhere I visited was awash with ads. Not only is that visually irritating, but since I have such a slow connection everything becomes even more ponderous to the point where it pretty much ground to a halt. Again, more tinkering. Turning the adblocker on and off, that sort of thing. No joy.

The key with this kind of thing, in my experience at least, is to ascertain what it is one needs to realise. I don’t necessarily mean in order to fix it, I mean what one needs to learn. So I will generally look at anything presented to me from the perspective of possible acceptance as well as the other options. As I did here.

A few days of general malfunction of technology ensues. Not impossible to manage, but a bit of an irritant. Then I am somehow led to doing two things. Disconnecting my phones connection to the wifi, connecting it to another option, then reconnecting, and throwing away the adblocker and reinstalling it. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. I hadn’t thought of either before, and I don’t know why either came to me. The mechanism matters less than the opportunity to learn what was in that. Because both worked, and now the ads have disappeared and the phone appears to be doing what it should again.

In some respects it makes me think of mindfulness. of being in the moment. Of accepting stasis when it manifests, difficulty, change when the penny drops, of listening to intuition and nudgings, even if they may not appear to make sense, of beginning again endlessly, at least until I am no more. There are other aspects of this i have yet to consider. There are clues in here for me which are more than this. It might seem a silly bit of trivia, a nothing, an irritant and no more. But to me it looks like the chance to realise, to learn and relearn, to re-member, remind. And so I shall.



4 thoughts on “Start again again

  1. Weather systems of the mind, a thought that crossed my path from a poem times ago. I’m often nudged by larger patterns around me, and when I fail to notice, am pushed into further irritation until I am forced into consciousness. Blindness was certain a push. I wonder too about why I need technology’s connections. Would I truly be less alone without it? Or, if I surrender to the child’s curiosity for the divine moment, would life be enough? Perhaps this is the magic of starting again…

    • “when I fail to notice, am pushed into further irritation until I am forced into consciousness”

      Absolutely. I’ve noticed time and time again that the longer I fail to attend to such things the more emphatic they become. I can’t begin to imagine the impact blindness would have brought.

      I usually find with such things that there are layers of opportunity for learning or applying whatever it is to life. Surrender is a word I seem to keep returning to. It’s not a popular concept, since it seems to imply weakness or that something or someone has power over you and that should be avoided. But there are times, which you clearly appreciate, when surrender is the most powerful thing to do. For then you can fly.

  2. Well, I think ‘dying’ is ever a message to be reinterpreted. There is gravity, but there is also levity. I agree there is also stasis of infinite durations, all very related to our personal free will stance.

    The ad-lib dance is quite the challenge…… to step into our Creatorship shows (shoes)

    Let the music play on 😉

    • Sometimes gravity and levity do seem to keep us in a holding pattern where we remain in the same position like a seagull surfing the wind. The whoooosh, off we go again.

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