Here follows my various incarnations and locations:

Video sites:

Loreleila: A range of talking, explorations, visuals in the form of video or photography, the odd example of my art, visual symbolic expressions, poetry videos, both mine and some of my favourites, and sundry other doings: Loreleila

FinalTaboo: Various explorations into the nature of death and dying, and an attempt to raise public awareness of and emotional and societal health around this topic which will impact every last one of us: FinalTaboo

Patreon, where I make videos at the request of patrons:  Lorelei @ Patreon

Loreleila at Vimeo: Not all that much here, but this site is more arty and less wordy, and less restrictive so I have a few videos here not to be found at YouTube: Loreleila @ Vimeo

My Flickr page. Lots of photos: Lorelei @Flickr

My book, Return to One, in all its forms. Paperback, ebooks, Kindle and audiobook, plus the various social networking sites pertianing to this: Return to One

Another blog. This is something I’ve never done a great deal so these don’t contain a lot. I may find myself doing this more but at this point I’m not sure. If I can work out how to attach a forum to this site I’d like to do that since I miss the quite profound level of conversation and exploration one could have on those, but that will keep for now:

Somewhere to put stuff

I have a twitter page but hate twitter so no link for that, and my facebook is purely for friends I actually know rather than the more curious use of the term in internet parlance, so no link to there either, though if you consider yourself a friend and would like to contact me there let me know.

Online & Phone Counselling service:


4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hello, I have been a fan of yours on YT, but I have deleted my accounts out of frustration. Then, I realized I wanted or needed to be connected with certain people that I really liked and valued. I’m glad that you have this blog, away from yt. I hope that your health issue is not too serious. and that you get well. Take care, Richard. (Rlink65 or TimeTraveler6500 was my yt name. I don’t expect you to remember.) btw, thanks for all you share.

    • Thank you. That’s good to know and I appreciate your well wishings. Sometimes I look at the stats for here and think ‘I wonder who all those people are?’ and now I know one more. 🙂 Actually, that’s weird, because I don’t do that at YT. Somehow there’s a more private feel to a blog, or something…

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