Around 7 or 8 years ago I was led by a friend to YouTube. It was a new and mysterious thing, and where I landed even more bizarre because it was straight into a community of atheists raging at fundamentalist Christians and Muslims. I am not a theist, but nor have I ever described myself as an atheist, nor ever will. I’m not even agnostic, I just see it a different way, a way which doesn’t enitirely fit in with any known belief system. I guess the closest system you could compare me to is Buddhist, but I’m not that either. But these people seemed to be more antitheist than atheist, especially since they talked so very much about ‘god’. So it was initially a rather uncomfortable ride, though I seemed to be fairly rapidly accepted as the anomaly I am. Some of the people I ‘met’ back then I still know now, and value and appreciate these friends even though our outlook varies more than one might imagine. We know each others natures, foibles and frailties, accept them, work round them with a degree of sensitivity one wouldn’t imagine possible online. But that doesn’t always tend to apply to newer interactions. It’s very easy here, when working in text or even video to grossly misread or misinterpet something and it become a virtual impossibility to rectify that. This is all important because the way we connect on here is not familar to our psyches, even if we’ve grown up with it. We have some serious evolving and learning to do before we can do this as well as we can in RL.

During this time, as I very tentatively stepped out and made some rather clumsy attempts to make videos myself I discovered just how many ways you could communicate through this medium. Having visuals, and the freedom to manipulate those, meant I could use video to put layer on layer of meaning, to weave symbols and archetypes, to express myself in ways way beyond words. It has never mattered too much to me as to who gets it ‘right’ or who sees every last bit of what I’m putting there. I’m happy if someone takes their own entirely different response and ideas from it. It is, to me, a tool of magnificent proportions, working in fairly similar ways to the unconscious art I speak about on my page relating to that. When I do a more complex weaving of thoughts, images and feelings, I usually have no idea where I’m going or what’s going to manifest. It informs me as much as anyone else. I watch it come together. It works the same way with poetry for me. If only we learned to listen to what we’re actually saying to and for ourselves as much as we did to teach and preach, or to hold the world responsible for who we are, we might be far better off and far better engaged with one another.

Here are a few examples of videos which are specific to the above description, though most of my videos have symbols and layers there, for anyone who cares to see:

There are many other opportunities and possibilties in video making. Philosophy, psychology, politics, sharing, unifying, dividing, loving, hating, revealing, obfuscating, informing, teaching, learning, misleading, propaganda, etc etc. We should learn to use it wisely rather than be used by it. It is an immensely powerful tool big business has muscled in on, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still (for now at least) have the freedoms to express ourselves to and communicate with most of the world. If we’re not careful we’ll become so spoilt and infantile all we’ll do is rage or complain because we can’t have it exactly as we want or as it used to be. This is a waste of what we have imo.

Or on my channels:



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